Thursday, June 19, 2008

Campaign Battles and Earning XP

Okay, time to shed a little light on this and simplify this a bit for peeps.

The idea here is: Gravy Train

1. Do the minimal amount of effort.
2. Maximizing your XP gain from Campaign.
3. Gives you something to do while you LFG or if desired solo spots are taken.

Here's the Wiki Page that lays out caps and calculations.

Now, before you do any of this, it's a lot better (not to mention smarter and funner) to just go out in Campaign and beat the crap out of things while spamming your own things and stuff IF you have the appropriate job/level for that. As for the rest, using this method should help you gain as much XP as anyone else in the field but it will take a bit of shuffling around.

To do this, you need the following:

1. A timer to see how many minutes you have your tags on
2. BRD to a level so that you can cast at least 15 buffing songs within a span of 2-3 minutes (Etudes are handy). Alternatively, you can sub WHM or RDM for Bar spells but it won't net out as much XP as BRD songs.

And what you do is:

1. Figure out what rank you are
2. BRD songs cap at 300 when you cast 15 songs. Figure out how many minutes it would take to reach that cap.
3. Do other actions that will fill in remainder for that minute.
4. Submit your tag once it reaches that minute.


Lets say you have Steelknight Emblem. That's 80xp per minute.

(XP per Minute) x (minutes) = (your target XP cap that is slightly over the BRD song cap)
80xp x 4 minutes = 320xp

BRD Song cap is 300 after casting 15 songs

(target XP) - (BRD Song Cap) = (Remainder XP)
320xp - 300xp = 20xp

You need to perform some action to make up for that 20 XP. By convenience, one self Enhancing Spell does the trick.

So, for a BLM/BRD at 65 with Steelknight Emblem, you can do the following...

15 Etudes + 1 Blaze Spikes = 320 xp

All within a span of 4 minutes. Submit your tag the moment it hits 4 minutes for 320xp. Considering the chat time and dialog boxes and stuff, you can earn about ~4500xp an hour. Really not bad for the effort placed in it.

Maybe I can simplify this post a bit more... but that's why there's an edit function! :D

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Etain said...

Thanks for this! I've been trying to figure out how to make decent exp on 63 RDM in Campaign to build a buffer between duo sessions. D: It's been rough, since I tend to die quickly and am too low to melee stuff. This will come in handy! ('-^b) *bookmarks*